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団地内には長屋60世帯、戸建て108世帯あり、360人以上の方が生活されています。 この仮設住宅団地は、元々キャンプ場だった事と運営上の都合で日が暮れても街灯が点かず一部の場所を除き辺りが真っ暗になってしまいます。 今プロジェクトは仮設住宅団地内で重要な生活導線になっているにもかかわらず、真っ暗になってしまう中央階段に色とりどりの照明を設置して住民の方々が安心して通れる”光の道”を作るというものです。それは光の美しさだけではなく防犯面、安全面での機能性も備えたアートプロジェクトです。

This Project brings colorful lights to a temporary housing complex in an affected area by 3.11 Earthquake, where it gets filled with darkness when night falls. 4 years passed since the earthquake disaster. The city of Rikuzentakata still falls into pitch-darkness with deep silence after dusk. This is a restoring project intended to light up the city at night. Our project is not just about the beauty of colorful lights, but it’s an art project which serves to provide safety with local residents.
The project is planned to install “flower-light”, customized solar garden lights, and “Pet Light”, lights made up of solar panels and PET (plastic) bottles. Those lights will charge themselves through attached butteries and solar panels in the daytime and use the power to light LED at night. By this means, any electric cost won’t be necessary resulting in a burden-free project for local residents after the installation.
This project is appreciated by the residents living in the temporary house, and they take good care of the lights.
Our ultimate goal is to light up the minds of young, adults, and elders including any generations living in the site of the temporary housing complex.
This project successfully raised necessary funds from 243 people and 8 companies that support our project.
All of the supporters say they are happy to join this project because they can help in a noticeable way.
To keep the lights alive, we go to maintenance regularly to Rikuzentakata.

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Designer: GwaGwa (Masamichi Shimada,Kozue Shimada)
Coordination: SUGAWARADAISUKE, Masayuki Harada
Cooperative Partner: Rikuzentakata hakki project
Location: Iwate Prefecture, Japan