Masamichi Shimada

Born in Japan in 1978

Masamichi Shimada’s art explores the forms and behaviors of plants and animals, such as the flight of birds, the movements of insects, and the structures of flowers. Expressions in nature such as trees swaying in the wind and waveforms in the water change depending on factors such as time, temperature, pressure, and humidity. Shimada creates installation works that capture these motifs using light. He weaves natural phenomena that he has experienced into the concept of his works before drawing on sensors and light sources such as LEDs to give form to these works. When developing the concept for an installation, he places special emphasis on uncovering the unique story of the place or region where it will be exhibited and incorporating it into the work. His works have been exhibited at many light festivals around the world. In recent years, he has also been using light art to revitalize forgotten places in local communities and working on art projects alongside residents of these communities.

島田 正道

1978年 東京都生まれ 高知県在住


Participated light festivals and art festivals.

Roppongi Art Night (2012 Tokyo, Japan)

Smart Illumination Yokohama (2014 Yokohama, Japan)

Amsterdam Light Festival #5 (2015 Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Norrköping Light Festival (2016 Norrköping, Sweden)

Light art installation at Narita Dream Farm (2016 Narita, Japan)

Goiyama Illumination (2017,2018 Sakawa, Japan)

Toronto Light Festival (2018 Toronto, Canada)

Bahrain Light Festival (2018 Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain)

Hong Kong Pulse Light Festival (2019 Hong Kong, China)

Amsterdam Light Festival #8 (2019 Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Aarhus Festuge (2021 Aarhus, Denmark)

Longenzhen Light District (2021 Hsinchu, Taiwan)

Amsterdam Light Festival #10 (2021 Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Illuminocity (2021 London, United Kingdom)