Masamichi Shimada

Born in Japan in 1978
The forms and behaviors of the natural world — the flight of birds, the movement of insects, and the structure of flowers. Natural manifestations influence by elements such as time, temperature, atmospheric pressure, and humidity, such as the swaying of trees in the wind or the shapes of waves on water. Physical phenomena like light, waves, and the passage of time. Inspired by the sense of “mystery” these evoke, I am inspired to create three-dimensional pieces using LED light sources and industrial materials like iron and plastic. These works are then presented as light installations.
Over the course of my career, I have showcased my work at light festivals in more than ten different countries.

島田 正道

1978年 東京都生まれ 高知県在住

Participated light festivals and art festivals.

Roppongi Art Night (2012 Tokyo, Japan)

Smart Illumination Yokohama (2014 Yokohama, Japan)

Amsterdam Light Festival #5 (2015 Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Norrköping Light Festival (2016 Norrköping, Sweden)

Light art installation at Narita Dream Farm (2016 Narita, Japan)

Goiyama Illumination (2017,2018 Sakawa, Japan)

Toronto Light Festival (2018 Toronto, Canada)

Bahrain Light Festival (2018 Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain)

Hong Kong Pulse Light Festival (2019 Hong Kong, China)

Amsterdam Light Festival #8 (2019 Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Aarhus Festuge (2021 Aarhus, Denmark)

Longenzhen Light District (2021 Hsinchu, Taiwan)

Amsterdam Light Festival #10 (2021 Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Illuminocity (2021 London, United Kingdom)

Nobel Week Light (2022 Stockholm Sweden)

Trame di Luce (2023 Monza Italy)