Colors of the wind way






この作品は2014年10月30日から11月3日までの間、横浜市(神奈川県 日本)の象の鼻パークを中心に行われたアートイベント”SMART ILLUMINATION YOKOHAMA2014″で展示されたインスタレーション作品。

The concept for this installation artwork is to find windway. The wind power generator and wind sensor are utilized to visualize the wind path by dynamic lighting and colors.
This art piece was commissioned by an art event, “SMART ILLUMINATION YOKOHAMA 2014”, held between October 30th and November 3rd, 2014 across the waterfront in Yokohama, Japan.
50 of the wind-powered lighting devices were allocated in a grid across the breakwater which runs approximately 100 meters in Yokohama Bay. The electric power is generated by the mortar connected to a gyromill-type windmill and charged in the internal NIMH battery during the day. At dusk the wind sensor inside the windmill detects the wind and turns on the light with the power charged in the battery, flashing into 5 colors depending on the wind level. The art piece is designed to be self-sustained power-wise. In a distant view the entire installations are adorned with colorful flashing lights where the light flashes fast with strong wind and fades in/out with subtle wind. The light goes down when there is no wind. Consequently these variations of aligned lights visualize the paths of wind.

IInstallation : GwaGwa
Design : Masamichi Shimada(GwaGwa)
Programing : Masamichi Shimada(GwaGwa)

Haruko Ohkoshi
Yosuke Kuramochi

Supported by
Atsushi Nakamura, Takeshi Nagata, Ryoko Natsuka, Kiyohide Nakamura,
Hideo Nomura, Masayuki Harada, Tadanori Shimada, Kozue Shimada.

Video Soundtrack: Keiji Matsui(echo and cloud studio)