Colors of the wind way

Smart Illumination Yokohama (2014 Yokohama, JP)
This installation work allows you to visualize the direction of the wind through light. This was the first work that inspired me to create art based on the concept of detecting natural phenomena and capturing them through the use of light. 50 lighting devices fitted with wind turbines for power generation and sensors to detect the magnitude of the wind are installed along a 100m area along the breakwater. These devices generate power with their wind turbines during the day, and this energy is stored by charging their batteries. When the devices detect wind after dark, they use the electricity stored during the day to power their built-in LEDs, which light up in quick succession in four different colors: light blue, yellow, peach, and green. These LEDs light up at a speed that is proportionate to the magnitude of the wind, flickering slowly when the wind is weak and accelerating gradually as the wind becomes stronger. Viewing the entire work from a distance allows you to perceive the overall flow of the wind, with the colors and rhythm of the flickering lights changing constantly depending on the various spots where the wind is blowing and not blowing, as well as where it is stronger and weaker.