Birds fly around with you

Amsterdam Light Festival (2015 Amsterdam, NL), Toronto Light Festival (2018 Toronto, CA),
Bahrain Light Festival (2018 Manama, BH), Hong Kong Pulse Light Festival (2019 Hong Kong, CN), etc…
This work was exhibited at the 2015 Amsterdam Light Festival and created based on the theme of "friendship" that year. Composed of 24 bird-shaped objects arranged in a circle with a diameter of 8m, it tells the story of birds becoming friends with people all around the world. Each bird serves as a single frame from the continuous motion of a bird flapping its wings, and lighting up the birds one after another creates the impression of a bird in flight in the same way the zoetrope (a traditional animation device) works. The birds glow faintly when no one is around, but the moment someone enters the circle, the light of all the birds goes out. The sensor then detects the person's position as they move around within the circle of birds, which prompts the glowing birds in this interactive work to fly close to the person. When two or more people enter the circle, their feet will be illuminated by rainbow-colored lights. This circle of glowing birds brings people together and allows them to have fun regardless of their culture, language, and race.