Birds fly around with you


IMG_1879Photo by Marjolein Lammerts van Bueren

This installation is on display at Amsterdam light festival 2015-2016.
This artwork is a playground for everyone. All can play with this animated light sculpture.
24 illuminated birds are arranged in a circle with an about 8-meter circumference. The birds appear to be flapping their wings.
There is a columnar object for sensor, at the center of the circle.
If visitors walk around the columnar object they can experience the birds flying with them.
One bird will appear when a visitor plays alone; two birds will appear when two visitors play together.
The number of appearing birds will increase as the number of visitors increases.
Also, If visitors synchronize motion with their friends, rainbow colored illumination lights up at their feet.




IMG_3219Many Seagulls are living in Amsterdam. Groups of them migrate south in winter. They meet local gulls and make friendships at temporary resting places on the way to their southerly destination. I imagine they have many friends in Europe. That’s why I chose the Seagull as a motif of the work as answer to Amsterdam light festival 2015-2016 theme “Friendship”.


IMG_3281Visitors can play with the gulls at this playground. If visitors bring friends to play with the artwork, the gulls respond and bring their friends to play with the visitors.
This artwork is made to be more fun and meaningful with friends, than alone.
If you come alone, I recommend making a new friend there, and play together!