Light art installation at Narita Dream Farm (2016 Narita, JP)
*This art work was cooperating with Sugawara Daisuke Architect (Creative produce)
This massive light installation is set up on a tranquil farm that is home to goats and sheep. In response to the wind and atmospheric currents, the thousands of LEDs in this work collectively create movements that are reminiscent of ocean waves. A 30-sqm area is covered with translucent fabric, and around 6,000 specially modified LEDs have been set up beneath it. The movement of the fabric in the wind alters the gap between the LEDs and the fabric, which causes the size of each illuminated dot to change like watching a shadow play. The shapes of the work constantly evolve from one moment to the next depending on the direction and speed of the wind, allowing you to observe a different pattern each time you visit. This work was inspired by the large sheets that were hung from the walls of a building undergoing repair I had seen in the city to prevent people from falling over. I drew inspiration from how the sheets had fluttered expressively in the wind, a fascinating sight that I could watch endlessly. I created this work as part of the illumination project at Narita Dream Farm (Narita-shi, Chiba).
ヤギや羊が暮らすのどかな牧場に現れた巨大なライトインスタレーションです。風が吹いて大気の波動が作品に伝わると、何千もの光が組み合わさって、海の波面のような動きと表情を作り出します。30平方メートルの範囲に光が透ける布を張り巡らせ、その下には特別に改良した約6000個のLEDが取り付けてあります。風が布を揺り動かすことで、LEDと布の間隔が変わることにより、影絵の要領で個々の光の円の大きさが変化します。風が吹き込む方角と速度によって作品の形状は刻々と変化していき、訪れる度に違った表情を見ることができます。制作のきっかけとなったのは街で見かけたビルの補修工事の転落防止用に壁面に掛けられた大きなシートでした。それが風で表情豊かになびく様子がとても面白くてずっと見ている事ができ、そこからインスピレーションを得ました。この作品は成田ゆめ牧場(千葉県 成田市)のイルミネーションの一環として製作しました。