You can’t catch me

Have you ever chased a dragonfly lived in around rice field and stream when you were a child?
Even if you slowly approach a dragonfly and try to catch it, it will fly away just before you can catch it.Chasing or chasing, the dragonfly flied a little further. What is represented in this light installation are memories like these that I experienced as a child.
24 damselfly objects will be installed on the canal. They are sequenced, with the first one in a perched form and the others in a flying form. The spectator first finds a glowing damselfly that is perched on fence.
If the spectator approaches near the glowing damselfly, the dragonflies are animated so that they move away, glowing in turn. When there is no spectator near the art work, all the objects of damselfly light up to announce the presence of the art work for people.