The observation of raindrops falling into a puddle, transformed into ripples. A raindrop falls and then spreads. A raindrop falls and then spreads. Randomly falling raindrops make ripples. The rhythm born from that repetition is so soothing that I could watch it forever.

Ripples are manifestations of energy vibrating and transmitting as waves. Imagine if everything on Earth, including rocks, trees, urban structures, and all living creatures including humans, vibrated their own energy and emitted waves at their own unique frequencies. Beautiful forests shrouded in morning mist, human activities, and factory zones emitting dark smoke, all these would generate waves. Some would be beautiful, some unpleasant, some quiet, and some intense. Each of these would have their own distinct wavelengths which would overlap, resonate, or interfere with one another, creating inaudible sounds across the planet. Whether these sounds would harmonize beautifully or clash discordantly might depend on whether we humans act with love for the earth.
This work is an optical installation that uses a device equipped with nine super-directional lights. The device rotates at speeds of over 700 revolutions per minute, and by altering the angle at which each light strikes the ground, it conjures ripples of light on the ground from the effects of the afterimage. The device is mounted on an aluminum truss base at a height of approximately 6 meters. The depicted ripples of light are inspired by the waves that the vibrations from the installation site create. I first presented this artwork, which I named “WAVE”, at the Nobel Week Lights in Stockholm in 2022.

(Kochi JPN 2023)


Nobel Week Light (Stockholm SWE 2022)
Photo: Hanno Holzinger